Stove Repair

in Atlanta, Georgia

Stove Repair in Atlanta, Georgia

When your stove breaks down, quick and reliable stove repair service is crucial. That's where Fuse HVAC & Appliance Repair comes in, offering expert stove repair solutions for both electric and gas stove repair.

Whether you're dealing with a minor issue or need major repairs, our skilled stove repair technicians are equipped to handle all your stove repair needs, ensuring your kitchen remains operational.
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Common Stove Problems We Fix

Ignition Troubles on Gas Stoves

If your gas stove isn't lighting, the problem could be a faulty ignition switch. Over time, these components can wear out or get clogged with food residues, preventing the stove from igniting. This is a common issue that requires professional gas stoves repair to ensure safety and functionality.

Uneven Heating on Electric Stoves

Electric stoves might suffer from uneven heating due to damaged heating elements or faulty temperature controls. This can result in undercooked or unevenly cooked meals, which is frustrating for any home chef. Our electric stove repair technicians can replace faulty elements and ensure your stove heats evenly.

Burner Won't Heat

Sometimes, a burner on your stove may not heat up at all. This could be due to a burnt-out heating element or a problematic burner socket. Our stove top repair services include a thorough inspection and replacement of non-functional parts to restore full functionality to your stove.

Temperature Regulation Issues

Difficulty in controlling the stove's temperature can be a significant inconvenience. This issue often stems from a malfunctioning thermostat or control switch. Precision gas stove appliance repair can bring back accurate temperature settings, making your cooking experience enjoyable and predictable.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are dangerous and require immediate attention. When it comes to these critical issues, you can trust our repair gas stove services to handle everything with the utmost care and professionalism. Our gas stove repair service focuses on safety first, ensuring all connections are secure and leak-free to protect your home and family.

Electric Stove Trips Power

If your electric stove trips the circuit breaker frequently, it could indicate an electrical fault. This might involve the stove's internal wiring or a problem with your home's electrical system. Our electric range stove repair technicians can diagnose and fix these issues swiftly, preventing potential hazards.
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Stove Repair: All Brands, All Fixes

Before you consider replacing your malfunctioning stove, let our skilled stove repair technicians take a look. We repair a wide range of brands, ensuring that your appliance receives the precise care it needs.

  • Viking Stove Repair: Viking stoves are known for their durability and performance. If you're experiencing issues, our specialized Viking stove repair service can restore their optimal function.
  • Frigidaire Stove Repair: Common problems like burner malfunctions or oven temperature inconsistencies in Frigidaire stoves are expertly handled by our Frigidaire stove repair team.
  • GE Stove Repair: From electric faults to gas connection issues, our GE stove repair technicians are well-equipped to fix any problem in your GE stove.
  • Samsung Stove Repair: Samsung stoves feature advanced technology, which requires knowledgeable Samsung repair service to maintain their high functionality.
  • Wolf Stove Repair: Known for their precision, Wolf stoves need expert attention when they malfunction, which our Wolf stove repair technicians are ready to provide.
  • Whirlpool Stove Repair: Whether it’s electric or gas, Whirlpool stoves benefit from our thorough and efficient Whirlpool stove repair process.
  • Kenmore Stove Repair: We handle all types of issues with Kenmore stoves, from simple adjustments to more complex Kenmore stove repair.
  • KitchenAid Stove Repair: Our stove repair service ensures that your KitchenAid stove operates smoothly, handling both minor and major issues.
  • LG Stove Repair: LG stoves often feature modern designs and are technology-oriented, which our stove repair technicians are fully equipped to handle.
  • Amana Stove Repair: Amana stoves, known for their reliability, sometimes need tune-ups and stove repair, which we provide efficiently.
  • Jenn Air Stove Repair: Our stove repair service ensures that your high-end Jenn Air stove maintains its performance and reliability.
We Service All Major Brands & Models

Professional Stove Repair Near Me

Looking for reliable “stove repair near me”? Our stove repair technicians are just a call away, ready to handle any stove issue you might face. With local experts across the region, we ensure fast response times and effective stove repair solutions.

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Stove Repair Service: Expert Solutions for Every Home

Our comprehensive stove repair service is designed to meet the needs of every household. From minor fixes to major repairs, our experts ensure that your stove functions as intended, enhancing your cooking experience and kitchen safety. Whether you need routine maintenance or urgent repair stove services, we are here to help.
Once my refrigerator Samsung stopped working. I tried to find on Yelp company who works with them.
It was hard to find repairmen that can service Samsung refrigerator apparently. I called up at least 7-8 places who couldn't do Samsung and eventually found Fuse. Fortunately company works late and technician was able to come the same day. Adam did an excellent job repairing my refrigerator which was not cooling. I liked the quick response, efficiency, customer service, price and application of their visit/diagnostic fee to the repair. Great service. Thank you, Fuse! Thanks you Adam!
YELP reviews
Frank S.
Atlanta, GA
Bryce L.
Atlanta, GA
Fuse HVAC installed a four-zone Mitsubishi ductless mini-split heat pump system in my house on September 2020. The job took three days in sweltering heat! Boy was I happy to use the system for cooling when they finished! Now that it is 'winter' here in Atlanta, I'm using the system for heating and I really enjoy the zone control, energy efficiency, and quietness. No more dirty ducts and loud gas furnaces!

Throughout the install, they were very professional and tidy with their work. They were also very strict with mask usage when working indoors. I'd highly recommend Fuse HVAC for your future HVAC needs.
Throughout the entire process, the FUSE team were professional, courteous, responsive, and practiced COVID safety protocols. They left me with an overall impression that the company is made up of hard-working individuals who practice that no-fuss, get it done mentality!

Estimation process was quick and their bid came at a fair price based on what was being quoted for a furnace and AC unit installation.

Ivan performed the work and he was putting in 9+ hrs over a couple of days to get it done. From the get go, Ivan provided me with an expectation of what was going to be done and how long it would take to be done. First day he was shooting to get the furnace up so we could have heat, but he wasn't able to finish in time. This was perfectly fine because he was providing me status updates every time I went out to see how things were going. I definitely appreciated the communication and could see he was putting in his best effort. One night he stayed longer than expected, and I didn't want him spending the evening working on our project so he offered to come back on the weekend, which I know would be in between other projects. Told him that was fine, but he ended up coming back sooner than expected and wrapped everything up without issue.

Also ended up getting the permits on the AC installation done with the city. Matt helped us through the entire process. He was in constant communication and provided assistance on what would need to be done to get the permitting process complete. Day of inspection, he came out early to double check our system and made sure we had the proper paperwork for the inspector. We passed without a hitch. Inspector commented that it was rare to see a representative from the installation company out with the homeowner during the inspection process. It gave me an added vote of confidence that I made the right decision in picking the FUSE team!
Atlanta, GA
John T.

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Don't let a broken stove disrupt your daily routines. Contact our skilled stove repair technicians at (404) 301-5533 for prompt and professional stove repair service. Trust us to bring your stove back to its best condition swiftly and efficiently. Our stove repair team is ready to tackle any problem, ensuring your satisfaction with every repair.
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